This game is a classic, and for good reason. It’s sort of a combination of the Legend of Zelda & Final Fantasy in terms of storyline and combat system, and has a really interesting time-travel component. The game was released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo, but you can also buy it for the Wii Virtual Console or the Nintendo DS if you can’t find an original copy.

The game begins with the main protagonist “Crono” who meets a young woman named Marle at a fair. They form a quick friendship and proceed to go visit Crono’s friend Lucca, who has been developing a teleportation device. I love Lucca since she is so nerdy and smart – plus it’s a retro game so the graphics are very pixelated, and her eyes are literally two huge white circles that are supposed to represent her glasses. Anyways, Lucca is showing off her device at the fair and needs a volunteer – so Marle willingly tries it. This goes horribly wrong as the machine reacts to a strange pendant Marle is wearing, and she disappears through a portal to another period in time. Crono goes after her, travelling 400 years into the past, which marks the beginning of an incredibly journey. He will travel to both the past and present in search of his new friend, and begins a fight against an evil wizard attempting to take over the world.


Things You’ll Like

 Did I mention time travel yet?? Well I can’t help it; I love history, and it’s so awesome how you can travel to multiple time-periods in this game. You get to see everything from pre-historic dinosaur filled lands, royal palaces of the Middle Ages, and apocalyptic technologically based periods in the future. This means meeting friends from all different eras, who are all unique and different, and have particular strengths and weaknesses.

As you meet people, they join your party, and you can pick which friends you want to fight alongside you. One of the friends Crono meets is a knight turned humanoid frog, whose name is literally just “Frog”. I love his character, if there were voice-overs in this game he’d have a typical British accent I just know it, plus he has his own epic theme song that is so majestic. You also meet a robot in the future period named Robo (the names of some of these characters are not exactly that creative) who was created to assist human beings. He is great because he can heal your characters, but he cannot use magic – although he has this awesome laser-stun attack. He is a large robot, so he does pack a serious punch, and is a good heavy hitter for your group. I always included him & Frog in my brigade for missions in this game.

Another interesting element to this game is how flexible it is. Depending on what decisions you make, you will add certain people to your party. So if you choose to help a certain person out, or visit a certain location, a particular person will join you – and you may miss out on meeting someone else. This means that every play through is different, and you can never really play the same game twice.


Things You Won’t Like

 Now the plot is great, however it is definitely complex – almost too much for my liking. It is almost Game-of-Thrones like in its web of characters and storylines, which can be hard to follow as the player. I’ve played this game multiple times and still have a hard time keeping the storyline straight. This is good and bad, as it makes it interesting since you catch on to different things every time you play it – but for the first run through you may find yourself a bit confused about what is going on exactly.

There are some iconic characters in this game – like Robo, Frog & Marle, but during the game you meet a ton of people and many will join your gang. So you end up having a million characters in your troop to choose from and eventually lose interest in about half of them. I found myself picking between the same five or six people every time as its just overwhelming how many options you have. I believe in quality over quantity, so I don’t think this many characters are necessary.


 Overall Chrono Trigger is a classic game that will always have a place in my heart. I love retro games and the graphics in this game are just fantastic, along with a great soundtrack & interesting main characters. The plot & sheer multitude of characters can become overwhelming, but it is a time-honoured game that is still being talked about today, and every gamer should really experience it.