Civ Rev 2 is a 2015 IOS app created by 2K games. This is a condensed and simplified version of the original version by Firaxis Games.   If you are a fan of previous Civilization games on the PC, you’re bound to enjoy this playful abridged version on your ipad or tablet.

Civilization Revolution II is a turned based system game in which the player attempts to gain power and resources to dominate the world. This can be done through negotiating and treaties, or by sheer force and aggression. You can choose to play as the leader of your choosing, from Winston Churchill, Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great, Gengis Khan and more! Each leader has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, like stronger militaries, cheaper roads, or more impressive cultural centers and technologies.  You can also set up scenarios in which you must complete certain tasks or defend against specific forces, or you can just choose “random” and have a different experience each playthrough.


You begin the game with your own small village, where you can build up your militia in order to conquer nearby ‘barbarian” villages. Once you have conquered enough surface area you will meet up with new cultures – where you can choose to either fight or to make peace with. If you make peace, you can trade knowledge and technology with them, which advances you as a civilization and gives you points – but you do risk them changing their minds and conquering you. You can also choose to fight them – which may result in you gaining more land, or may result in your army being slaughtered by a more powerful source. This all depends on the strength of that culture, which can be scouted by using spies, or you can just go in blindly and “hope for the best”. I generally started with negotiating and once I got strong enough I took em’ on. Near the end of the game you can discover agriculture, the alphabet, the steam engine, communism, the printing press, tank warfare, computing, trade agreements, flight, superconductors, and more – which leads to bigger and better ways to advance your culture.  Negotiation is crucial in parts,  however, your allies usually betray you and try to claim all your hard work, so better to go on the offense. really.


This game is super duper addictive. Once you get the system down, it is pretty repetitive, but if you select a different culture every playthrough – and choose to build different structures or learn different types of knowledge every time – it makes every gameplay different. However, as a newbie to Civilization games, I found the fairly pathetic tutorial to be seriously lacking and basically taught myself how to play by trial and error, as well as some googling when I was confused. If you have civilization gaming experience you will be all set, but for those of you who are new to the franchise this may be a serious downside to the game – at least at first.

I’ll just mention that the biggest downside to this game is that I can’t play as ‘Canada’.  I mean come on, throw us a bone here!  Other than that, this is a really fun game, and it definitely kept me occupied for my Vancouver to Toronto airplane commutes. Overall the tutorial is lacking and it is quite repetitive, but still a boatload of fun in small doses.