Ratchet and Clank are icons in the video game world. Their games are fun, witty and totally addicting. I grew up with these games, and although in general I find the earlier games more to my taste, I still buy every game in this series when it is released. These games are produced by Insomniac Games, who also did those “Spyro the Dragon” games – another fabulous series.

This game features Ratchet and Clank hanging out, as besties do, when they receive a message from their friend Qwark about an attack by Emperor Percival Tachyon (now there’s a name), who is the prince of the “Cragmites”. Tachyon is fueled by his hatred of lombaxes for wiping out most of the Cragmites in the past, though how they managed to do this is unknown, and Tachyon wants to find the weapon that allowed this to happen. So the plot of this game is basically a race to find the “Lombax secret”, fighting Tachyon’s minions along the way.

Things You’ll Like

I dig the gameplay in these games; it’s easy to switch weapons, and also the game PAUSES when you switch weapons, which is fabulous. I hate in some games when you are out of ammo and try to switch guns and then just get blasted by your enemies fumbling with your controller. This does make the game much easier, it is geared for a somewhat younger audience after all, so it makes it a fun and downright relaxing “shooter” game (and I say shooter lightly, as it is a youth-oriented version). All the weapons and devices you can purchase in this game are so unique, and by the end you acquire quite an inventory of weapons, which can all be upgraded as you acquire “raritarium” throughout the game. This is one of the most creative games I have ever played, and even as an adult I find myself coming back to this series time and time again.

I’m all for serious games with serious plots that make you contemplate the existence of man and life, blah blah blah, but once in a while I don’t want to play such a heavy game. That’s what this series was made for. “Tools of Destruction” has a fantastic sense of humour (I still laugh out loud when I play it), hilarious weapons (shooting slime monsters, or throwing a disco ball in the air to make your enemies “dance to the beat”, etc.) and interesting environments. It’s just a downright fun game to play and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

 Things You Won’t Like

Ugh man do I hate the little aliens called “Zoni” in this game. I mean they are terribly cute and fly around and help you out, but the missions you have to complete for them are so time consuming and frustrating. You play as Clank for these sections, and although I love robots in general, I don’t like playing as Clank at all, I would rather just stick to playing as Ratchet with all my bad-ass weapons and devices. There are multiple sections of the game where you have to work with the Zoni, and I always dread those parts.

The length of the game really bothers me. When I bought this game on PS3 it cost me like 70 bucks, and then I beat it in about 5 hours. So that’s like 14 bucks an hour for gameplay – yowza. I have played these games multiple times, but it would be nice to get a little more bang for your buck. If you are used to the 100+ hours of Skyrim or Assassin’s Creed games, you may be a bit shocked at just how short these games are. They are geared for a younger audience, so I suppose it makes sense, but it still frustrates me, (and my wallet),


 I will always be a Ratchet & Clank fan, and I like the improved graphics of this game, and the hilarious villain “Emperor Tachyon” – he reminds me of “Lord Farquad” in the Shrek movie, a wee man with a big personality. Combat system is strong, and the sense of humour is as good as ever. I do not like the new “Zoni” aspect they have in these newer games, they really frustrate me, and I also do not like how quickly I fly through these games. Overall, it’s a great franchise, and I keep coming back to this game in particular for the PS3 system.