Do you love Tetris? Do you love irritating people? If you do, then you’ll love this game.

Doctor Mario may be familiar to you from Super Smash Bros Melee, but he got his start almost 25 years ago on the NES system. He’s the normal plumber Mario we all love, except now in this game he dons a white doctors coat, stethoscope, clipboard, and one of those peculiar disk headbands doctors used to wear. In this puzzle game, the player must eliminate different viruses using various coloured vitamins. Sounds simple enough right?

There is an NES version of this game, but I prefer to the N64 rendition based on controls and graphics. The game has a story mode, which I honestly never really played, because it’s basically just watching cut-scenes placed in between rounds of the game. I prefer to play this game with a group of friends or family, as it is more interactive – and can also get downright competitive.

Now I’ll touch on the actual gameplay. Each player has a designated screen with red, blue and yellow viruses spread throughout. The number of viruses varies depending on what level the player has chosen, ranging from level 1-20. Lower levels mean fewer viruses, and therefore higher levels mean more viruses. The name of the game is to eliminate these viruses using the same coloured vitamin pills (now that’s modern medicine). To destroy a virus, you must line up three sides of a pill on top of a virus in the same colour. Once three of the same colours of pills have been lined up, the virus will disappear, and whoever can destroy all their viruses first wins the game.


Now comes the fun part. If you make a match (either three of the same pill colour on top of a virus, or four spheres of colour on their own) and then make another match in the same turn, you will attack another player. For example, you have three blue and red-sided pills on top of a red virus, and once you kill the red virus those three blue sides of the pills fall down and kill the blue virus right below. Since you destroyed two viruses in one turn (each turn is designated as dropping one pill), you will send an attack to another player. Random blocks will fall on their screen, which can mess up all their hard earned work, as they must now eliminate those coloured blocks you sent (by making a line of four) before getting back to work at destroying the viruses below it. Now if you can get really good at this you can seriously annoy the people around you – which I have gotten the title for in my household (and I’m proud of it).

Things You’ll Like

This game has a real sense of community. Even though your friends or family may feel a large amount of resentment towards you during the process for attacking their game, it is a great group experience. It takes a simple puzzle game to another level, and the fact that you can choose any level you like, ranging from 1-20, allows people of all video game skill sets to enjoy themselves. The music is also really cute, totally appropriate for this kind of game.

Things You Won’t Like 

This game if pretty repetitive. It’s fun for about an hour, but can become monotonous and also hard on your eyes. It’s a simple, pattern-based game, so you aren’t going to sit and play it for hours on hours, which is totally fine. That’s what Skyrim is for. The story mode is unremarkable and pretty unnecessary in my opinion. Other than adding cut scenes it’s not really any different than the multiplayer mode.


This is a great game from my childhood. It’s simple and to the point, although for some it may be too simple as it can become repetitive. It’s a great family activity, and I don’t think you can really go wrong with this game.