Its been five years since the release of the epic Bethesda creation Skyrim. And now we have a remastered version on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. But at 80 smackers, is it worth it?


The original Skyrim was ahead of its time. I remember when it came out the buzz about it was unbelievable, even with my friends who didn’t play the game. The sheer size of the world was hard to grasp, and the environments were vast and well created. There is a reason some gamers sunk hundreds of hours into this game.  Games like the Witcher 3 have come close to it, but Skyrim’s customization and flexible game play make it one of the best RPGs ever made.


Now if you played this game on PC, you got a much better experience than the Xbox 360 and PS3 generation. So much so that the remastered version probably doesn’t look too much different than the game you played. Now if you were a console guy or gal, the remastered graphics are definitely enhanced, and makes this purchase tempting. However the remaster has not touched much on the character models, and it seems the environments, lighting, and atmosphere are the main things that have been affected.


The game itself hasn’t changed. You still have the main story line and side quests, same leveling up system, blacksmith abilities, and alchemy tables. These qualities were great in the original, so there’s no need to change them.  You do however get all the additional DLC that was released after the game’s initial sale date, so that’s a seriously nice perk.  In addition to this, if you own Skyrim and all the DLC on steam, you get the special addition for free (yay!).


Honestly my opinion is if you played this on PC, don’t buy the remaster. If you played it on Xbox 360 or PS3 and love the game to no end, maybe buy the remaster. If you somehow missed the Skyrim train and wanna hop on, then buy the remaster. You might as well experience it at its best, especially if you don’t own a copy of the game to start with.   I think if the character models had been more improved, and there was additional content and missions (although you do get all additional DLC), I’d be a bit more keen to drop 80 bucks on this remaster, since I love this game so much, but I can honestly deal with my previous generation version and save the cash. The game was great when it came out, and it has held up remarkably well over the past five years. So I’m okay with my original copy.


Cheers to you Bethesda.