“Journey” is a gorgeous indie game developed by “thatgamecompany”, and published by Sony. It was initially released for the PS3, but has also been remastered for the PS4. This game is basically playable art, which in combination with an incredible soundtrack, is quite the experience for any gamer.


In Journey you play as a faceless youth, basically “journeying” to a nearby mountainscape. The game takes place in a desert-like environment, and has a middle-eastern influence in the landscapes, architecture, and main player’s ensemble. The graphics are low poly, but polished, and the colours are very neutral and practically soothing. Every time you stop moving the character, it basically looks like a concept art painting, with stunning vistas and compositions. This is probably the best looking and well composed game I have ever played; it’s truly a masterpiece.


That being said, Journey may be beautiful, but it won’t necessarily suit every player. If you are a Call of Duty, rock em’ sock em’, murder death kill type gamer, you will get bored with this. The game is all about exploration, and there is no combat whatsoever, so it definitely suits the more puzzle/adventure genre. For me I found I had to play this game in spurts, as after an hour or so I did kind of miss the exciting, high impact gameplay of other genres. However, Journey is not a very long game (about three hours maximum), and you can play it through almost in one go if you want.

In Journey you have a few abilities. You can do this sort of spin move which releases musical notes and highlights different rocks and runes around you.  By doing this, you are granted a longer shawl slash scarf thing which the players wears. Once you grow your cloak and charge it up, you can do this jump move where you basically float trough the air for an extended period of time. The more runes you activate, the higher you can jump, which allows your player to reach additional items. Other than this its pretty much just running around and exploring and solving puzzles. Again, this game is more about the experience and the aesthetics than anything else.


Overall I enjoyed Journey. The combination of the visuals, music and character make for an aesthetic experience like no other. Gameplay is fine, but its more suited to a younger audience, or for a gamer not looking for a high impact / high intense experience. I definitely recommend everyone play this game through at least once, you won’t be disappointed.