Ever dreamed of starting your own business?  Can you squeeze lemons into lemonade?  Well this could be a virtual dream for you…..or not.  Check out the video below to see Kassondra Krahn’s reactions to Adventure Capitalist.

There’s not much strategy to this game.  If you can click a mouse, and have a whole lot of patience, you’ll do just fine.  Basically you are trying to make as much money as you can, and you can do this through various businesses.  You start the game out buying enough lemons to make lemonade, which eventually lets you buy your own storefront.  Then, you can hire a manager who will just run it for you, and add money to your meter.  As you gain more money you can buy a pizza shop, donut shop, hockey team, and a movie business, that allow you to gain more money.  There are also different upgrades that help you increase your profits, like increasing “pizza delivery” times and tripling your assets.

I had heard this game was totally addictive and fun, but after about five minutes I was pretty bored.  It’s a game you can leave alone and basically let it “run itself”, so you can really rack up the cash.  Maybe if I put more time into this badboy (which i simply refuse to do) you can unlock some cool stuff, but it’s just not really my style.  Also the same thirty seconds of music repeating over and over drove me a bit bananas, so overall I think it’s free on Steam for a reason.