Shovel Knight is a 2014 Mario-esque side scroller game for the PC & the Nintendo DS, published by Yacht Club Games.  It’s totally old-school, on purpose!  So if you are a vintage gamer-gal like me, you will dig this game.  Check out the clip below to see me play the first two levels of the game.

Kassondra Plays Intro to Shovel Knight

This game is fun, but don’t let the cute graphics fool you.  It can be pretty tricky, and I found myself constantly dying.  The thing is when you die, you lose a bunch of money – which floats in money bags in the air just taunting you.  You can choose to get these money bags back, but often you die in the process – so it’s not even really worth it.  There is a village that you can level up at, using money you gather and from the music scripts you collect.  Shovel Knight can upgrade his health and strength and/or his magic and relic power by choosing a specific vender.  There are alot of people to talk to in this town, and different side quests you can complete.

This game has it’s side-scrolling levels, and then a “world-map” screen like any vintage Mario game you’ve played.  Definitely brought the nostalgia factor for me.  Shovel Knight is pretty inexpensive on steam, so definitely worth checking out!  Just be careful as the repetitive music might drive you a bit carrayzay.