The Wolf Among us is an episodic mystery game which you can find on the PC, PS4, PS3, XboxONE & Xbox360, so you have a bunch of console options.  It’s a dark fairy tale based game that takes place in “Fable Town”, where your main character “The Big Bad Wolf” resides as the town sherriff, along with infamous figures like Beauty, the Beast, Snow White, and more.

The Wolf Among Us follows “Bigby” as he tries to solve a series of mysterious killings in his town.  He’s a dark and brooding character, and you can control him and his dialogue with other people.  Along with this, you can explore different areas and click on certain things to find clues and hints about your surroundings.  There are a bunch of “turning points” in this game where Bigby must make a major decision, which can effect things like who he chooses to arrest, or who he saves from harm.  These decisions create a sort of “ripple effect” as they change bigby’s relationship with certain characters in later episodes, so that guarantees multiple types of playthroughs. At the very end of the episodes, there is a screen which shows you the average statistics for what other players chose to do, so you can compare it to your own experience.  This is great as you can see if the decisions you made matched up with other people, and what the most popular choices were for other gamers.

Combat isn’t a huge part of the game, but when it did come up I found it a bit awkward on the PC.  Perhaps on a console like the PS4 with a controller it would be a bit easier.  Basically you have to hit certain buttons (letters on the keyboard) along with directional arrows, or button mash the letter “Q” for major damage.  Again, this game is more about problem solving and exploring, so combat takes a back seat to that.  It’s basically an “interactive movie” of sorts, and I actually think it would be much better adapted to a movie or mini-series than a video game, since you barely touch your controller anyways.  Alot of the battle or car chase scenes where you actually do something as a player seemed almost forced, like they had to throw it in there to make it  a “game” than something more cinematic.  Overall it’s a great series, and I’ve never played a game quite like it.  There are some major surprise twists (watch the videos to find out!) that will keep you on your toes, as well as a bunch of rather devastating cliffhanger endings.  You’ve been warned.

Check out the videos to see Kassondra’s reactions to the Wolf Among Us.

 Episode 1 – Score 10/10

Episode 2 – Score 7/10

 Episode 3 – Score 8/10

 Episode 4 – Score 7/10


Episode 5 – Score 9/10