Monument Valley is a mobile game by the awesomely indie studio “UsTwo”, and is an Apple iPad Game of the Year winner. You play as an adorable princess named “Ida”, as she adventures through beautiful architectural mazes and optical illusions.


The most impressive part of Monument Valley is its aesthetics; it is simply nice to look at. It has a soft colour palette, and the simple isometric layout really makes it all about the geometric shapes combined to create various puzzles. All the levels are based on the concept drawings by artist Ken Wong, to create a cartoonish yet graphic appearance. This game is basically a work of art, and is just a pleasure to play. Plus you’ll look super cool and hipster playing this bad boy on the subway.

Gameplay is really interesting in Monument Valley. You can spin certain areas of buildings, and even move whole maze around in three dimensions. This takes this game into a more console experience, despite it being on your cell phone. Ida can traverse sideways on walls, and you can spin sections to become staircases or ramps to access new areas. The puzzles start of fairly basic, but get pretty difficult as you progress through the game. By the end I had to go to the interweb for some of the answers (shh don’t tell anyone).


There aren’t really “bad guys” in these game, just little black crows that will just sort of get in your way and squawk at you when you come close. They are more cute than anything, although can be a nuisance when you’re really stumped.

This game is free, which is surprising to me. Even if this game cost a few bucks I would still recommend buying it, which says a lot considering I almost never pay for any mobile games. It’s pretty short with only 10 levels, but only came out last year so hopefully expansions packs and DLC are in the works.


Free to play, and for once that isn’t a hindrance. Go get this game right meow. You wont’ regret it.


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