Hexen is one of the strangest and funniest N64 games in existence.  Its a first person co-op sci/fi slash fantasy exploration game (aka a total Doom Mod), but the combination of camera movement plus low-res graphics makes its hard to tell where the heck you even are.  Here is a drinking game to add to the vintage wtf fun.

  1. Chug if you run into a wall not a door and don’t even know the difference
  2. Chug if you can’t find the god damn stone or fire or whatever the hell its called key
  3. Chug if you accidentally shoot your partner all the time because he looks just like all the troll-like enemies you’re fighting
  4. Chug if the low poly monsters scare the living crap out of you, despite being 32×32 textures
  5. Chug if you google a lets play for help, but they are all the fancy high res later versions not your low res wtf version (wtf)
  6. Chug if you can’t control the camera that swings around you like a madwoman
  7. Chug if you open the world map and, despite being useful, looks like a primitive pixelated cave man drawing
  8. Chug if you literally open the map and demand your partner to run around so you can determine any major landmarks
  9. Chug if you truly appreciate your co-op partner’s  2-3 (total) animations (walk, jump, fight)
  10. Chug if you have a rumble pack for your N64 and can feel those sweet sweet vibrations
  11. Chug if you finally figure out how to open an area, generally by sheer luck and button mashing
  12. Chug if you consistently fall into the lava (which is only evident by a red striped texture that moves a bit )
  13. Chug if you think those bull switches are creepy AF
  14. Chug if by the end ur brain is bleeding from over-stimulation
  15. Chug if this is the best goddamn game you’ve ever played.