It’s actually difficult to review Ocarina, since most people have played it, or at least heard of it. But heck I’m gunna go for it anyways.  Just to warn you, this review will contain SPOILERS. Really it’s almost impossible not to.

So like every Zelda game in existence, you begin the story as a sleeping Link who is urgently awoken to go and save the world. In this case it’s by a fairy, which is great since you are the only kid on the playground without one (In reality, Link isn’t even a Kokiri kid, he is a “Hylian” who was taken in – thus no fairy).

Ok, so Link is awake, and he is summoned by the “Great Deku Tree”, which in Kokiri town is seriously big news. He is told by this tree that he is the “chosen one” (shocker!) who must battle an evil force trying to take over the world through the power of a “triforce”. To do this, he must collect three gemstones in order to gain access to the Master Sword. These are tropes we’ve all seen before, but now we are in 3D! Which back in 1998 was a huge deal for this franchise.

After gathering the three pendants, Link heads to Hyrule Castle to get the master sword, but things go horribly wrong as the castle is attacked and Kid Princess Zelda must flee for her own safety. Before she goes, she throws the Ocarina of Time towards Link, which he uses, along with the master sword, to gather six medallions and power up to fight the big baddie, Ganandorf.   Along the way he is aided by the super cool ninja warrior “Sheik”, along with the goofy Goron creatures, weird skull kids, the aquatic Zora people, and more…and you even get your own horse!


In this game you play as two versions of Link: Kid Link, and Adult Link. After unlocking the master sword you can use the temple of time in Hyrule town to fast forward 7 years into the future, and become a taller and stronger version of yourself. This also means your cute little kid weapons like the slingshot are unusable to your more mature self. As an adult you can equip weapons like the hookshot, bow and arrow, iron boots, and more. Standard Zelda stuff. To equip these weapons you can equip them to the three “c” arrows on your controller to quickly shift between weapons. Adult link can also find different tunics, which help ward against the different elements like fire and water.  Adult Link is definetly a more pumped up version, but Kid Link is so darn cute I think I like him better.  Both Links can roll, run, slash your sword, block with your shield, and “z” target enemies.  The game play is smooth, and having three quick equipped weapons is a big jump from A Link to the Past, where you had to go the pause menu every single damn time you wanted to switch equipment.


Ughhhhhhhhhhh I love the music in this game. I always thought A Link to the Past had a great soundtrack, but Ocarina trumps it hands down. There are symphonies dedicated to the Ocarina Score, so if you aren’t familiar with it – youtube that shit.   My favourite song honestly is the “Song of Storms”, played by the kinda weird accordion player in Kakoriko Village. You learn this song in his windmill, and it helps you later on to change the weather.

It’s hard to review this game, because there is SOOO much hype around it, and everyone has their own opinion on it. However this is my review, so I’m going to rate it based on my experience of it.  The time-travelling element of this game is wicked, along with awesome music and smooth combat.  If you haven’t played this game, holy cow you have not yet lived.  It’s a cult-game for a reason.