The retro duo is a console created by “Retro-Bit” which allows players to use their old SNES and NES cartridges to enjoy their favourite vintage games.


The small compact retroduo works with 8 bit and 16 bit games, and comes with two controllers. These controllers have the same nostalgic shape and look of the original SNES versions, but are sleek and comfortable to hold.  Honestly it would be nice if they were wireless like most modern handheld controllers, but the cord they come with is long enough that this is usually not a real problem.


The system does not work with every game, but generally works well with most vintage cartridges. I found my game “Illusion of Gaia” did not work on this piece of software, but haven’t had trouble with a single other game, which is pretty impressive. The price of this system is around 40 dollars American on Amazon, which is a pretty good solution for players whose consoles may have bit the dust. I personally own this product and have used it for multiple years, and definitely recommend it to any gamer looking to get into some classic games.  You can even purchase a “portable” version of the retroduo, where you place your cartridges right into the game-boy-esque device.  Either console is a great solution, and in my opinion this is the best emulator on the market.


Product Reviewed by Kassondra Krahn