Stardew Valley is a stellar game, but it can be a tough beginning for a startup farmer.  Here are a few tips and tricks to get your profit going in this farm simulation addiction fest

Watch TV Er’yday

What? Watch tv? No for real. Watch TV.  It gives you tons of tips and tricks, and it also gives you recipes you can cook later on (when you upgrade your house that is)


Forage Forage Forage

Your farm will be swarmed with trees, rocks, shrubs and other goodies.  And foraging equals resources and resources equals money making machine times woo!  You can even sell the stuff you forage, and sometimes eat it.  Plus you also level up these abilities.  At the beginning when you’re waiting on your money to grow (literally) this is a good way to spend time and make some mula.

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Go to Sleep Son!

But mooooooom. No for real don’t do it. If you are up outside your house past 2am, you are in for a world of pain.  First of all people may or may not go through your pocketss (some neighbours huh), and also you’ll have to pash cash monaaay to whoever found your sorry ass.  Plus you’ll start the next day with less energy, and at the beginning of the game when your HP is low this is seriously the worst.  So go home and cuddle your puppy and catch some z’sss.


Fish Fish Fish

Fishing at first is the living worst.  It’s super annoying to catch anything, but once you level up a bit its a cinch, plus you can make sweet sweet profits from your finds.  Also you can collect coral and oysters and other goodies on the beach itself, and sell it off to the fish shop.  Plus later on you can craft crab pots which collect delicious seafood which you can cook/eat/sell.


Buy Specific Seeds

All seeds yield profits, but some are a much better investment.  Strawberries, kale, pumpkins and blueberries are a goldmine, so get as many of those as you can (which won’t be much in the beginning).  Before you get sprinklers you have to water every single damn plant you grow, so invest wisely in your time and money.


Invest in the Community Center

I totally forgot about the community center in the first few seasons, but it is a wonderful thing.  As you collect certain “categories” (for example four types of lake fish, four types of spring crops, four types of metal ore) you get rewards.  Rewards include the greenhouse being reinstated (which allows you to grow crops in winter!), bridges are re-built, and trains will run around the town.  Overall good things come from this, so make sure you don’t forget about it,.


Go Mining

Entering the mines upgrades your mining and combat abilities, plus gives you access to copper, iron, gold and iridium ore.  These can be melted down into bars, which can be used to craft awesome things (like effing sprinklers babycakes, no more hand-watering thanks jesus).  The best goodies use these, so you’ll want to spend most of the winter seasons and a few days a week in here getting as much ore as you can (and then once you’re totally loaded you can just be lazy and buy the overpriced ore off the blacksmith).


Buy A Few Animals, But Only A Few

I went apeshit and bought like eight cows and four sheep and 6 chickens because they were cute and they made milk and eggs (which you can then use a mayo/cheese machine to further enhance the product).  However the amount of hay these guys eat, on top of the time they take to care for is a buzzkill after a while.  To complete the community center “animal section” you literally could only buy one of each type of animal (or just a cow, goat, chicken and duck), and save your cash and time.  Depends what kind of farm you want, but I stuck to self-watering crops.

Birthdays Matter

There is a calendar outside the general store which indicates everyone’s birthdays, which I didn’t really bother with in my first run through.  However, if you give someone a gift on their birthday, you get three hearts on your “love-a-meter”.  The more your friends (and those who are more than friends, *wink *wink) love you, the more gifts and cool stuff they give you!  A simple gift they like on their bday makes getting that friendship status a breeze (and then you can get married and have children and live a long happy life).


Upgrade Your Shit

After you get all your sweet sweet copper and iron and gold bars, you can upgrade your hoe, scythe, axe, etc.  This makes SUCH a difference, as you can forage way faster,  plus cut down bigger trees for hardwood which allows you to make even cooler stuff.  This just makes your life easier, trust me.


Stardew Valley is only 14.99 USD, and can be purchases on Steam or for the Xbox One.  This guy looks deceptively simple, but trust me you will be addicted to creating a little life for your little guy or gal.