Naughty Dog has released the fourth and final game in the Uncharted Franchise, and it seems a shame to say goodbye to the Nathan Drake saga. In this game, we follow a much older and mature Nathan, who leaves retirement to work with his brother in search of a pirate’s bounty.

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If you are familiar with Uncharted Games, you know they are story intensive, and this game is no different. A bit like the Last of Us, the game is staggered between bursts of gameplay and playable dialogue, and lengthy and dramatic cut scenes. Uncharted 4 is so well made it’s more like a movie than a game. However if you aren’t a story-driven type of gamer, these scenes may drag on a bit for you. Personally I like the plot development of this franchise, but again it depends on your play style.


The environments of Uncharted 4 are some of the best I’ve seen. The use of Substance Designer makes the textures for these environments as realistic as I can imagine. There is a range of areas, from snowy Scotland to the warm deserts of Madagascar, and each area has its own personality. On top of that, the physics aspects of the environments are superb. As you drive a car, you can see your tire tracks in the mud behind you, and if Nathan hides behind a stack of crates, your enemies bullets will eventually wear it down or even destroy your source of cover.

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On top of a good looking environment, the characters in Uncharted 4 as insane. You can see beads of sweat falling down Nathan’s face, and the hair systems on the characters are dynamic and realistic. The facial rigs and animations seem to match the dialogue perfectly, which makes you forget for a moment that you are looking at a computer graphic creation. Visually this game is a ten out of ten for me.

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Gameplay if pretty solid in this game. I have found previous Uncharted 4 games a bit clunky, but they seemed to have worked out the kinks for this one. Its fairly similar to the Last of Us, with the addition of stealth gameplay and a very fun grappling hook to latch on to buildings and mountains. Uncharted 4 also offers a multiplayer mode, which can be fun with the array of guns and weapons at your disposal.

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Along with fighting, the game is filled with Assassin’s Creed-esque climbing, as well as puzzle solving.   This hasn’t changed too much from past games, plus the addition of the grappling hook makes the climbing portions much more dynamic in my opinion.

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Overall Uncharted 4 met my high expectations. The game is visually incredible, has improved gameplay, and an exciting story. Only issue could be an extreme amount of cut scenes, but that’s what this game is really about anyways, so its not a real criticism. Go grab this guy if you haven’t picked it up yet.