Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most unique game concepts I’ve seen in a while.  It combines a dystopian bronze-age – esque vibe with robotics and technology.  This third person action RPG from Guerrilla Games features a young red haired woman named Aloy, who fights machine creatures with a futuristic bow and arrow.

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We’ve been hearing about this game for a while, and hopefully the February 28th (2017) release date is true.  This date also means we will (fingers crossed) see this monster of a game on the recently announced Playstation Pro.

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The graphics in this game look unreal.  The cinematic entrance into the world brings you right into game play – completely seamlessly.  For once cutscenes looks basically identical to actual live gameplay.  The main character looks young and interesting, and her 3D model is very impressive.  The secondary motion on her hair and weapons is beautiful as she runs around the world, and uses the environment to her advantage.  Visually this game is stunning, and hopefully the gameplay can match this caliber.

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Speaking of gameplay, it looks really really really really fun (like really fun).  You fight monsters with a cyber-futuristic bow and arrow, or can go stealth and use shrubs and bushes to sneak up on your opponent.  It has a Shadows of Morder like gameplay vibe, combining hack and slash with combos, as well as stealth dynamics, and climbing and exploring around your environment.

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We can’t wait to see this game.  And the new Playstation upgrade!  Lots of good things coming our way in the gaming world.